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Karen Colville is a recognized Canadian International VisualArtist and Singer, songwriter Author registed catalog with SOCAN ASCAP, she has traveled the world collaborating on cultural audio music projects, she combines audio, Visual with live performance lives collaborations in world music.Karen’s influences are of diverse culture,

her first recording project discography Beauty of Dreams an independent release 500-1000 copies her CD were released and Broadcast in countries a Theater performer Singer,Jazz Musician, French theatrical, Granville Island and Victoria British Columbia. She collaborated with First Nations Drummers Raven Singers.Karen also worked with Producer Bryan Ruckstyl in Ottawa,Daniel Lanois, Visual Artist Canadian music Legend Ken Tobias in Acadian, Canadian folk Music. Karen appeared in CBC broadcasts.

Karen toured solo independent,France, Spain and Italy, Czech Republic, Ireland Canary Islands independent radio interviews with translators. She also immersed in Spanish, Morrocan Culture learning traditional music.

in the UAE as world music with Canadian Expats relocated.Karen’s world influences Oum, Enrique Bunburry of Heroes del Silienco. Karen also performed with Latin Train, Toronto world arts music festival.

Karen recorded a project of professional song writing demos titled Platinum Boulevard Quest, Ambassador Records she worked with numerous arts music performance fund raisers with registered non profits in social causes and open mic coffee house performances for 10 years, attending music industry functions, events, community is of great importance on the grass roots level.

Eric Lambier, Paul and Linda Evans,Anita Perris, Alfie Latanski,Frank Woodcock on Vocals,drumming( Shania Twains Pianist 1990s),Bruce Gorrie Trio Jazz. Karen was in Blues Scene she worked with Johnny V aka Mills a Blues music Producer in Western Canada and Croatia. Karen interviewed Ray Bonneville Producer of Steve Hill’s second album Call It What You will from Quebec, he introduced Karen to the music of Steve Hill. Karen is influenced by Steve Hill’s blues music through out his career. Karen and Steve Hill met at Ride For Sight, Forrest Whittaker, Karen an assistant Blues Scene Magazine until it sold to an American company.A member of the Toronto Jazz and Blues Society.

Karen working as a side woman man and back up vocalist with many Musicians. A former member of the Canadian Country Music association an up and coming Artist in Country Blues. Karen also took lyric writing with Pat Pattison, and studied vocals with Rose Mary Butler.In LA at a Taxi she met Lou Reed’s guitarist Fuzz Bee Morse professionally critiqued Karen’s work her emulating influences of Lou Reed, Cowboy Junkees, Susan Aglucark, Margo Timmins of Cow Boy Junkees, Jan Arden , Karen’s first producer was Artist Jean Michele Basquiat of Gray,Karen as a young person,a DJ they exchanged music recordings on shows in R& B jazz, UK ska and jazz. Karen learned NYC band music and visited Chicago, Atlanta Georgia singing in African American only clubs.

Karen was also being considered as a Coconut Back up Singer for Kid Creole from New York City now in the UK and Europe.

Basquiat’s tragedy in the late eighties,Karen deeply affected with grief by the tragedy, returned to Visual Art. Karen is also influenced by Jean Michele Basquiat’s legacy influencing many Artists in Jazz, Hip Hop, Rap Music, fashion..Karen learned Blondie songs with Jean Michele DJ promo albums before they were released to the public.

Karen grew up listening to Mo Town,and Gospel Music,African Soul Music, her recent influences Warren Dean Flandez, R & B Blues Music she developed a soulful voice. Her influences were Cow Boy Junkies, Sass Jordan. Karen is also influenced on a continual basis Steve Hill live and recordings.

She is originally from rural Ontario, working with various Artists as a back up, Vocalist.Karen also worked as a publicist ,music promoter, bookings for THC a heavy rock band. Karen recorded at studio 9 in Nashville,where she met jazz blues guitarist Tito Jackson, Jackson 5, Karen also befriended Michael Jackson before his passing. Karen is also on social media with Producer Michael, Michael Blakey who is working with LaToya Jackson, Karen nominated Producer Michael Blakey for Lux Awards UK, Karen is a LUX award winner for emerging Artist of 2019.

Karen has won numerous international awards in film festivals Los Angeles, Australia, Vancouver, for her audio recordings in experimental film shorts and contribution to Canadian,North American multi, inner mixed cross over, Diversity in Culture, she is a recognized Jazz and Blues Artist recording with Artists as Jack DeKeyser Blues, Karen started for visual art, short films, Aquila Light Pictures,www.aquilalightpictures.com and has kept her music archived on www.karencolvilleart.org her music distributor is Distro Kid and DDMS.

Karen has attended and performed in Los Angeles, Nashville, and as far as the Middle East.

Karen performs her own music cultural events at Trinity United Church, Vancouver on a regular basis, working with local Artists in development in back up vocal support. Karen sings her own songs and covers.Artists Karen has supported with back up work, have went to Opera and symphonny music.

Karen’s music has evolved into a mixed genre of Country Blues,with her Visual Art. Karen also contributes her talents to the disabled arts community with public speaking and performance events.

Karen awarded with the Canada council Explore and Create, recording Audio Art with Mazas Group from Quebec, Fraser Valley Music and performance. Music Audio, Authorship, Vocalist and performance work in New Media and short films. Karen’s song Beautiful Sunset broadcast to Canadian radio stations, American radio stations, Karen plans to create a country blues ep with

Cosmic Pig Records Juno winning studio, and with Mazas Group on selected projects to release an EP with live performance art. Country Blues Project, Soulful Vocals EP performance arts Even Country Girls Get the Blues in her tribute to the legacy of Jean- Michele Basquiat inspired by Author Tom Robbins Book and Movie, in a Tribute to Jean Michele Basquiat’s legacy, in video short film performance and live cultural arts performance, his friend Music Producer film maker, Fab Five Freddy, Blondie memoirs. Karen also plans to record earlier songs of Steve Hill in Country Blues genre.

Karen Colville nominated Steve Hill for the order of Canada,Canadian international contribution to culture, the nomination official stands for three years.




  Karen Colville an international artist, in and an international artist-in-residence her collection of art Her art work is collected nationally and on an international basis hangs in many private collections across the country.
Karen is a diverse painter with work ranging from modern contemporary abstract and a unique style of magical realism to a more distinct direction intuitive abstractions in water color, acrylic and mixed media she recently added iridescent and metallic medium to her paintings. Abstract realism, a style that is playfully sophisticated and boldly colourful where few colours dare to go.o influenced by natural and botanical Science.

Karen sees visual art as connections, a healing medium in consciousness and an expression of experiences on our journey in life. This has something to do with why Karen's art is so diverse and rich with cultural interpretations as experiences for her viewers and collectors to participate in the journey. Art is civilization developing, repeating and experiencing itself,we are a great part of this journey.



Karen a plant based natural health advocate since the age of 14,a life long passion for herbal remedies. Karen herself is a "nature doctor" with the forest itself having developed intuitive skills ,plant spirit communication and handcrafts her own herbal remedies and for others on special request. Her plant based visual art is a collection of her journey.She enjoys spending time in the Rain Forest.

healing, memory and experience, to resolving experiences of trauma and healing energy. Her  artistic journey experiences date back to traveling the world in exploration of culture planetary systems with plant based healing modalities.

Much of her visual art is influenced by access to nature as part of a healing journey communicating with plants is a way to unplug the matrix to heal and recover from artificial environments.Karen is also influenced by natural and botanical Science.

Karen sees visual art as connections, a healing medium in consciousness and an expression of experiences on our journey in life. This has something to do with why Karen's art is so diverse and rich with cultural interpretations as experiences for her viewers and collectors to participate in the journey. Art is civilization developing, repeating and experiencing itself,we are a great part of this journey.

Karen a Professional Artist for over ten years, in group and solo exhibits,private collections studied OCAD Toronto ,Canada, has traveled independent a fine,visual and media artist visited and exhibited in private galleries with collectors from all over the world. She apprenticed in gallery with established Artists and has enjoyed visiting hanging out and learning real life art experience in collaboration with established Artist friends recognized in painting large scale monumental glass contemporary Artists as Georgia Amar, Colorado,private instruction with Dr. Anne Barlow,Ottawa.

Karen has exhibited at the prestigious Belart of Germany and Silk Purse, West Vancouver Canada and accepts private appointments out of the galleries representation and annually out of studio gallery.She recently exhibited in AbuDhabi,UAE Ghaf gallery.

She has painted since the age of four her Mother Bea Jean - Marie Painter and Costume designer for a leading label inspired Karen into the direction if fabric art and multi -media and art with an environmental consciousness.Karen's famous Canadian painter relative Alex Colville inspires her style in magic realism . Canadian Abstract Painter Marcelle Ferron has more of a direct influence in her contemporary work.Karen is also inspired by French Cinema and fine art.Francois Truffault in film and enjoys making multi media content and speaks on transitioning in sustain able lifestyle.Karen is also a multicultural Singer and studio sound artist she integrates her talents in areas of fine,folk inspired and experimental quality art with community service arts,culture and humanities work.

Karen determined to make her own unique mark and contribution to the art world and humanities has brought together people with art culture and humanities worthy causes and has shown and studied all over the globe an international artist with extensive travel and organizational projects,her style is fine detail,contemporary shimmering light reflections.Her technique is detailed fine brush work interwoven multi layered with metallic and iridescent paints to give a luminous shimmering quality giving movement her style evolved from the magic realism of Alex Colville.Masters Gustav Klimpt Germany ( Karen handled as curator staff one of his originals),Renee Magritte France and Emily Carr, Canada,Karen style is also described distinct light in lifestyle her daily regard fascination abstract and dimensions with swirls of light shimmering vibrating detailed colours very fine detailed layering of light and colour with brush and palete knife technique.Many of her works are based on travel and life experiences world wide and her insightful perspectives of the universe in a modernist approach to contemporary expression of life.