Karen Colville  has a boutique approach to her work, she always found comfort and healing in  harmony with nature, natural plant based medicine and nutrition,she survived trauma,life threatening injuries, cured previous life threatening medical conditions,the Canadian Government system itself including Health Canada, intentionally failed to provide adequate access with Charter rights to access private and natural health, learned her rights and moved forward with action on every level of Government. Her accomplishments, a lifelong journey.

Karen strongly feels that with self care ,self  preservation and protection, education can be taught,used wisely and a strong light life force is vital to survival and living with a holistic balance with prevention,life quality and curative effect, a plant based lifestyle with prevention and longevity.Karen with an interest in natural medicine as a teenager, came to rely on natural health stores as a means to survival and with optimal effects in health recovery, to heal the harms and health challenges with and by the Government health system, corrupt and broken,international control, when the conventional system kept failing , deceiving and harming her, she had to find a way to protect herself, recover and knew with the seriousness of her recovery is long term.
She studied and graduated from the Shiatsu School of Canada in 1997, after she graduated in the arts, as a  certified holistic Health Practitioner in Eastern Medicine,Shiatsu,Western Traditional Medicine and a lifelong dedication to the safe use of herbs, nature field trips.She continued her herbal studies in private, one on one and in groups with Herbalists and Nutritional,Alternative Health care,complimentary became more of a leading strength in her direction and working with others. Thoughts connecting with nature is powerful as empowering with great respect and rebuilding of strength, community ties, harmony and happiness.Karen expressed her love,passion and study of the natural plant based world with her art on a life long journey.

Home and self care care natural health protection service agent an associate Herbalist with some of the leading experts in nutrition,herbs and natural health products including research with activism for cannabis and industrial hemp this also became present in Karen's art.
Karen is presently engaged in continued research,educational, product development,and the marketing of bioactive whole plant healing.Plant based health care has become the main focus,in protecting patients rights, health advocacy, her area of focus as a healer is prevention,stress management,Chronic pain,disability,anxiety,Traumatic Brain Injury,Cellular support and extensive Cancer and body trauma research with support and advocacy with other serious and chronic health conditions.Holistic natural health service and support at affordable rates.Her research,determination and networking with focus, Karen became very knowledgeable in herbal, cannabis CBD medicine, concentrated plant and whole plant based compounds as powerful healing strength as effective medicine without harm or toxicity. Her choice in natural plant compounds with wisdom and respect ,minimized the impact and synthetic chemical damages caused by Pharma Corp.

Her strategy is to develop a natural health service agency with her own line of healing as a means of support and life affirming quality  and with collaborated partners and plant based products as a business and service in a private setting and with potential of going into the global natural health marketplace, until the Canadian Government changes into a better system of public support, integrating natural medicine and cannabis therapies, ancient plant and energy remedies with a modern approach, a specialty focus on Cannabidiol CBD Non psychoactive with up to date leading research from medical experts neuroplasticity and brain cell regeneration,nerve and tissue damage repair. In 2014, Karen became a natural health rights and protection activist with  extended community service, helping and educating those seriously ill to better themselves as making informed health choices,and became part of the legalization of cannabis as a medicine, for a short period worked with Sensible BC, The Federal Court system in protecting patient's rights, and formed alliances with  Drug policy activists in Canada,with natural health modalities and a better served less toxic and healthier people and planet plan.

In 2015, a strategic plant based natural modality plan and mission is to start a natural health agency, right at the cusp of one of Canada's most historical elections, a natural health information provider and protector, educator as a service with products that benefit health and life quality.Karen is an inspirational support coach consult and communicator with holistic practice, natural product education and development for self care, raindrop techniques in light touch therapy, native healing, aligned with network of surviving patients, community natural holistic and homeopathic health care professionals,plant based health care professionals integrated into the natural plant based system, herbs that heal with nutrition and body balance and to be a beacon of light energy to the under served.Karen is working on a course of action with spirituality and healing on a national level in Canada,while developing her own business as a private practice with education in natural wellness for longevity and a better standard of life quality.

Herbs have long been used for self care, as a complimentary healing modality more and more people are turning to holistic and plant based herbs to treat  and recover from serious illness, there is not false hope for a cure, many plants have been known to have a curative effect, please refer to this article https://mesothelioma.net/herbs-plant-extracts-cancer-patients/ as a part of your research.