Artist Statement


  Karen Colville Vancouver, Canada

Capturing the light is everything, it may seem it is everything, it  truly is an exploration of concepts, surfaces and memories of what the experience is in that very moment.As a plein air painter, it is always the light and in the moment, that I remember most about any location. It is my inspiration, what mood, what elements, strong winds, calm and sunny, or the early morning mist. I apply what I see and experience, there is a spiritual uplifting in the process of connection and the energy is different with every location and experience. I pace myself with nature. My body of work is an exploration of abstract contemporary and landscape in Surfaces. My viewers and patrons experience this sense of being in that very moment of connection.
My work is a contribution of expression, respect for the biodiversity of Canadian wilderness and the natural  BC landscapes and all that it encompasses. The energy of cascading water  falls and the rain storms as  the dramatic show clouds that form around the mountains, to moments of tranquility, the forest and gentle breezes along the shorelines, light dancing through clouds at sunset, the delicacy of struggle in a harsh environment are all things that motivate my paintbrush. The transformation process of growth,erosion, life and death with peace and harmony mixed with a traditional and contemporary approach.





Karen Colville experiences moments of calm on her  artistic journey and methodology process, using the gift of creation to capture moments, her window to the world is experiencing nature,  the ultimate expression of bio diversity what it is like to be Canadian to get access to some of the most beautiful spots in the world and express the connection values, integrity, the element and essence of spiritual creation, she explores with plein air painting, video clips, photographic stills in composition  a mountain lifestyle.


I returned to back Vancouver after traveling the world, showing my art, creating art,  in service to helping people in community with my art, to heal after having survived serious injuries and celebrating with courage. My injuries were life threatening and I needed a place to recover in peace. I kept looking out my window, dreaming of a better life and the life I once had, my happiest moments in connection with nature, life other than the  suburban traffic passing by,while in healing recovery. The soft wind on the cedar bows outside my window in Vancouver brought healing comfort.

 I took action to live out the visions in my mind that kept myself going  in connection with community ties, connecting with culture and environment, socializing healthy with friends standing in the Ocean laughing" hey I am here and I am alive", community connection  with sustainable means from community gardens to outdoor activities.

   I kept getting visions from my past experiences in Vancouver and other parts of British  Columbia. I relocated back to Vancouver,after visiting spiritual  and sacred nature sites, from the South West coast, around the globe, to the desert, returning, painting every energetic experience. Every painting is different as it is a different , unique, true  to life experience,  created is rich hues of diversity, flowing with the Creator, captures  visions while being in the present moment. I explore and intrigued with surfaces from tree and rock formations, to powerful influential icons.

Karen Colville experiences moments of calm on her  artistic journey and methodology process, using the gift of creation to capture moments, her window to the world is experiencing nature, what it is like to be Canadian to get access to some of the most beautiful spots in the world and express the connection values, integrity, the element and essence of spiritual creation, she explores with plein air painting, video clips, photographic stills in composition  a mountain lifestyle.




Energy,Art is representative of energy work

The power of silence, a moment in time, creative force in consciousness between a place in harmony with nature rather than control and destruction,a love of nature, nature is quiet,  eye hand coordination and a lot of patience. mixed media, textiles, natural fabrics, objects inspired from the natural world. I am also intrigued by Science with nature. It is important to  manage stress and other distractions of a busy life. This harmony and balance with a love for nature is expressed in my art work. I offer peace, creativity, health and happiness diversity,environmental psychology in my art  work.

The best Artists throughout the centuries also had other people do their work being part of a team is of importance and to work on your own is also. I have explored the arts as a means to discover diversity, to understand cultures, art history, other worlds, explore landscapes through travel, raise funds to benefit people in serious need, helped on social causes, contributed to community, this has brought myself a lot of creative freedom from the worst life has to offer. All of my travels and art adventures proved there are different fields of energy around the globe and this is what creates diversity with immigration. I am from Canada and we are all immigrants.

I may have not survived a war, and thankful for this, war also brings art,as a method of rebuilding lives and heritage, my art is about peace, thank goodness and know I have it good regardless,aside any hardship or life obstacles, lean times, life can offer a lot of barriers to people. People enjoy the peace, harmony and balance my art work brings to their lives.

One can be an independent Artist it is a tremendous workload, that I am finding more strength, my present project involves being a contributor to disadvantaged children. I have been working as a contributing Artist in support of vulnerable adults. My focus on is what works with my own goals and achievements, over than what isn't working and cannot be worked out. This is not a one fits all approach. When to create our dreams and when to let go.

Art as a means of survival: using creative energy as psychological energy.

I have survived and lived through serious physical recovery myself with full empathy, compassion and understanding. You can live in a beautiful place, the people whom are part of your existence. when they know you are in a vulnerable position,know you have very little to fight back, are being cruel as a means of control attempt to take advantage,they have their own issues, then no matter how beautiful of a setting, people can bring harm, forgiveness only goes so far. Art helps myself problem solve toxic people. This fuels my art and my gifts in a direction as an opposite to this vibration as being genuine from source energy as having balance in life.

How do we act when life gives us a situation that we feel is beyond our control? Humans repeatedly are forced to deal with such conditions. If we are mindful at these moments wisdom with insight may emerge that will help us to know if we should accept what is happening or try to change it.

The elite art world can be even colder,  for the past decade seemed death obsessed, and this is not the kind of values of everyone in a given society. I started making art for common folks, sophisticated people that found life as meaningful and joyful. Personal Growth and Wellness.

My art work and music, videos explores themes of emotional freedom, from empowering women, healthier emotional relations, I have pride in my gifts.

Power Addicts and Energy Vampires: Self empowerment through art

 There are people whom will not support you, unless they can control you this is a loss of freedom in the worst way, another catalyst for reform this is where humanities come in, I have seen human rights abuses world wide with power struggles, with my own eyes and this can turn into forms of financial, emotional and physical abuse having a negative impact and a serious effect on health for some this can include abuses of power of some people of the Government, Bosses, Politicians, Banks, certain employers, insurance companies, landlords,boyfriends, spouses, community members, yes even church people, you name it, business relationships, corrupt people, somewhere along the line, these people were hurt become power hungry for status and wealth and harm others, people whom you believe are trusted community members, are the very ones whom can bring harm, most of it over control of money and abuse of power , betrayal and so on.

I feel that getting access to the Country and to Nature helps us unplug from connections as a temporary, more and more places in British Columbia are becoming developed with having access, all participants may enjoy and be included. My art work continues in this direction.

 Gifts of Inclusion and acceptance;

This is where deaf and disability arts come into play as having greater importance, than outsider, or fringe art, mad arts. The ones at the bottom of the totem pole are the ones that are really holding society up and that is a matter of perspective in social justice, reconciliation, societal acceptance with rebuilding trust, People with all kinds of abilities have the power of love in their art work and operate in a higher frequency. What is status quo 4 d elite status illusion is held accountable to an ever changing society.

Perceptions of what is art

How does one turn this around? What is art has many definitions.  How is one persuasive with their art? I create or visit a place that is peaceful, I become peaceful. I create more based on my values, my values stay in tact, my perceptions of some of the peaceful and sacred places this world has to offer.

 Art and the Multiverse :There is life on other planets, how do those beings live? These are infinite questions and Artist cannot resolve unless they are time travelers. What is humanity evolving to with art.

It's not all wine and roses, it's hard work that looks easy. Attempt resolve, forgiveness, work it out. Sometimes, you cant work it out and you need to change course,no matter how you try to place in an effort the world is a rigged, fucked up or messed up place regardless,a truth few can acknowledge. Karma is of great spiritual importance, there are differences that cannot be resolved it may not have anything to do with you at all and you have to start over again and sometimes again. It becomes more about balance and choices with having integrity. Images become more predominant as healing images as having peace in one's life, dignity and respect of self.

I have been on healing retreat toward living a quality life. Getting contact with living things is important, energies that heal, this has been the basis of my work and The Super Natural of BC this offers a lot, animals also.

Nature is also messy and predators are a means of survival,it was created by design that way, understanding nature with tranquility is key.

I also archived my music ,some of is not available for sale as it was not released, once I started into the music industry over 10 years ago on music conferences attempting the vast universe of the main stream, I was not known enough and got out of the entire experience, I felt betrayed by some unscrupulous people in my life that wanted to bring myself harm, as a means of control,I truly needed to recover from that and move into healthier, supportive relationships with people and peace in my life. Those people are powerless when you do not give them any power. All I can say more is that it is a long long road to have any level of success.

Music it can cost a lot to get into, once you get into recording, it took years, years of struggle art can get costly also, I have used it as a platform and as a way to communicate and be a part of something bigger than myself, some how music, as the music business lost all meaning, it lost it's value, getting signed, staying unsigned,any kind of stardom, lost all it's value as an illusion,what was really going on behind the scenes had no appeal, sex, drugs and rock n roll, illuminati bull shit, ( more social engineering through status) it was more ego driven and not about being famous any more, being or getting rich, monarch programming. How many celebrities lives have not had some kind of tragedy, the controlled media ,or getting recognized by the industry any more it was more about having values and staying with them with the music as expression, cultural enterprise.I took 5 years off away from music and the industry, life became a continuous struggle, the frequency was not there, love definitely was not, I knew it was not the right fit for myself.  There are so many in a celebrity driven culture, few even noticed my absence from popular culture. I wanted to have a life experience that explores different mediums of expression that be video film, music, visual art, this took up most of my entire life. I feel it a gift to do so.

Art Health as having restorative power

I have continued creating art aside all of the hardship, struggle and health challenges.  I am becoming stronger, a happier and healthier being, whole with connection.It is about the power of connection even living with challenges. Natural sources when used with respect for the spiritual world offers a lot.

Healing Art

My goal as an Artist with purpose to create healing music and images of getting the most out of life.There was something I was not getting or doing enough of, or doing too much of the same pattern. Getting professional help as counseling can be very costly, Art heals as a silent narrative where the unspeakable comes into the psyche. I noticed this, when working on a song. I had to change and transform myself to absolve all the mean, toxic and cruel energy being sent my way from cruel hurtful beings to protect and remove myself. I needed to put that energy behind as not to be this way myself and move forward in a positive manner to remain a whole person. Art has always been a gift for myself in dealing with a number of issues. Art is also becoming more accepted as a means of health restoration.

We all need to find what is best for our experience and learn from one another to take care of ourselves and live the best life possible, loving connections.  Hospitals offer art and music programs as a healing modality, to decorate their interior corridors.

Art, Health and Nature

Getting out in nature  and access to nature ,whenever possible and also getting herbs, and other forms of self care with the arts as a positive influence to uplift people. There are herbs that heal and help people through difficult times, art and plant based living with spirit is a part of this journey.Nature photography and natural themed paintings is recommended for use in a hospital. Color photography, when coupled with nature, can be a healing medium on conscious and subliminal levels. Reproductions of scenes in nature can emit a healing energy, multi media and videos are also being used as a method of healing arts.


  I do not make any health claims when it comes to healing naturally and physical recovery, I have a lot of medical knowledge, some natural modalities have a a beneficial effect.Plant based remedies have been around for hundreds of years, herbalism, essential oils, home remedies, cannabis extracts and many ancient forms of healing.Cancer and other serious illnesses, medical cannabis has helped many people recover, CBD and THC,  for some it is too late, as getting their system adjusted to a plant based means as prevention,it is getting the best organic strain grown under the best outdoor conditions and what is specific for the ailment holistic, for many this is difficult as timing, and can be a needle in the haystack, many are finding relief from natural herbs with spirituality, a positive attitude, it has not been proven to be the cure for anything, known to have a curative effect. What works is finding the right combination of healing modalities for health and longevity. For some  is yoga or light movement as Chi Qong, changes in diet as alkaline non processed foods and access to fresh air and clean water, herbs. Consult with a Herbalist and Naturopathic Doctor or a Nutritionist for more information on the right herbs for you or your loved one.

Please continue to share with myself  on this journey and Thank You for visiting this web site, to everyone whom is with myself on this journey whatever the investment and is in support of my art and to the arts organizations that have helped rebuild my life and my ability to create art in the arts and to be of service to community.