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I started this website as a healing page for those experiencing serious illness in physical recovery and for people to see my visual art work and current projects with art shows. Getting out in nature  and access to nature ,whenever possible and also getting herbs, and other forms of self care with the arts as a positive influence to uplift people. There are herbs that heal and help people through difficult times, art and plant based living with spirit is a part of this journey.

  I do not make any health claims when it comes to cannabis extracts and Cancer and other serious illnesses,  medical cannabis has helped many people recover, CBD and THC,  for some it is too late, as getting their system adjusted to a plant based means as prevention,it is getting the best organic strain grown under the best outdoor conditions and what is specific for the ailment holistic, for many this is difficult as timing, and can be a needle in the haystack, many are finding relieft from natural herbs with spirituality, a positive attitude, it has not been proven to be the cure for anything, known to have a curative effect. What works is finding the right combination of healing modalities for health and longevity. For some  is yoga or light movement, changes in diet as alkaline non processed foods and access to fresh air and clean water, herbs. Consult with a Herbalist and Naturopathic Doctor for more information on the right herbs for you or your loved one.

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Karen Colville Visual  Artist Designer Health  Consult, Vancouver, Canada

Karen Colville exhibit participation Feb 1st,2018 Global Warming & Water Wars Vision of the future


Karen Colville at the Arctic exhibit Vancouver, with Cory Trempanier Canadian landscape Artist and Film Maker. for more info :


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2018 announcement Karen Colville joins the Mazas Entertainment company on her project Northern Lights that explores access to nature in British Columbia, Canada. More news to come


Karen Colville Artist @ Pancakes & Booze Vancouver, Feb 1st,2018 a sold out show



Digital art expression in the modern age my appreciation for Italian art

submitted to the Share festival in Torino Italy, May 2018  Ascencione ~ In flight by Karen Colville, Canada




NEW VIDEO highlighting works of 2017

Karen Colville Canadian International Wearable Art Design & Visual Art

Healing Through Imagery and Art appreciation


Karen Colville,  based in Vancouver, Canada,has visited many cultures with spiritual experiences on this planet, she also enjoys access to nature as a healing modality, this inspires her to capture images to make healing connections. Her journey in 2018, shall consist of capturing more BC scenery Northern, Vancouver Island and Greater lower mainland, First nations territories and with experiences of access to the Super Natural.

Visual Art & Healing

Image can alter cellular mechanisms and the intelligence of the cells the same as experience,whether it is grieving, trauma, serious illness,Imagery can positively affect the mind-body art and learning with herbs and body awareness.There is a direct relationship between the image
and cellular function.Guiding individuals to access their Inner Wisdom, Higher Self, and Intuition for Insight and Direction with their own  inner healing Karen successfully guides her clients toward their Health and Wellness Goals. She also creates paintings for people to heal,enjoy and relax with.


 I'm all about nature, naturally healthy living with minimized environmental impact, eco, design, house decor & healthy mind free living. I like to work with new natural materials, rustic charm , sophisticated bohemian with aged neglected or overlooked items and turned them into something  modern contemporary and beautiful. My paintings are universal and unique in style reflecting inner harmony and spiritual elements of living as positive and abundant life.

Karen a plant based natural health advocate since the age of 14,a life long passion for herbal remedies. Karen herself is a "nature doctor" with the forest itself having developed intuitive skills ,plant spirit communication and handcrafts her own herbal remedies and for others on special request. Her plant based visual art is a collection of her journey.She enjoys spending time in the Rain Forest.

 Healing and holistic arts;Naturopathic Doctor suggest herbal remedies with other treatments, Karen's role is in natural hygienics support and in health coaching art self care therapy.
 Individuals express their levels of well-being in different ways.Karen educates her healing clients to listen and understand their bodies as a way to prevent illness.

She suggests lawful prescribed cannabis as CBD in micro doses with other healing plant based remedies as lavender and sage for calm, aloe and arnica, for pain management and prevention.
Karen harvests healing remedies to prevent illness. Creative expression is regenerated by having access to nature and learning about herbs and natural living. Karen also custom blends essential oils in season.

Karen has earned medical certificates that specializes in the study of cannabis medicines, canna rep, herbal certificates, is a private health practitioner for self care healing modalities.

Karen herself is a miracle survivor and plant based entrepreneur consult with a life long passion and advocate for natural health,holistic and herbal lifestyles.

Karen Colville Art Archives, Present Exhibit Information, Portfolio ,Music Archives
TO DONATE OR PURCHASE, Karen's MUSIC GO TO  MUSIC and press the PAYPAL Button to donate on PAYPAL all of  proceeds are going to support Hyperberic Treatments and worthy causes she is associated with as registered non profits, all of your donations are truly valued.

Artist Statement  2017


Karen Colville Community Safety Health Based Approaches in healing arts to green living arts and culture.Karen Colville facilitates Art workshops and private one on one health coaching and healing with art with home and facility visits. Please contact for rates on a case per case basis.


Karen's dedication to healing arts with the disabled in advocacy ,deaf and disability arts, healing and art for seniors, Karen also teraches art to special needs children and Seniors in private and group settings.

 Being all change flows through consciousness fundamentally happens on this infinitesimal  and ethically spiritual level.


Karen Colville plant based eco  style art, wearable fashion, compassionate ethical and slow fashion, natural health protection.Vancouver, Canada

Art Earth Natural Plant based botanical medicine,nutrition for self care, ecology

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Surface Art Design, fiber and textiles, plant based art, contemporary  art and natural living.Herbology natural health advocate.

Artist Statement : I enjoy exploring mediums and bringing a smile to clients whom truly appreciate the beauty and joy of
living expressed. :)Karen Colville

Testimonial from clients;

"Waking to the brilliance of your wonderful wall hanging equates to a sunburst of joy, energizing my soul!" Joanie B.

The Whiffing Well oxygen, Vancouver


BiographyAbout Karen Born in small town rural Ontario Canada, Karen Colville obtained her bachelors in fine art at OCAD, since graduation,she facilitated numerous local workshops,
group and solo exhibits in North America and on an international level  Europe,South America, and UAE,,. Intrigued and captivated with the natural and super natural spiritual energies of the West Coast, simplicity in rural living, ecological and lush urban community gardens.

She returned to creating her visual art as a practice, energy balancing art, a quiet understated means of communicative expression, after a independent ten year career in the artistic and commercial music industry, desired empowerment and strength with more peace and quiet, her images are healing and calming explorations,  a subtle plant based spirit consciousness and healing modality with a more grounded earth bound connection experience.
 Connecting with family,friends and community ties with a compassionate heart, balanced mindset, became more of vast importance to her, she enjoyed  brave experiences of local immersions of languages and world cultures, good, bad, beautiful and ugly, she devoted  her time, energy and resources to support the healing of the seriously ill, with a better understanding of the real world, with humanities. Karen felt spiritually moved and motivated by her experiences and with an intentional value based, emerging renewable energy sector, global evolutionary exploration to be an active living community participant with the British Columbia, Landscape.Her strong sense of a Canadian identity with community, led her to do conscious community service partnerships exchanged with non -profits are value based with life affirming action.

 Karen calls Vancouver her home, more than a  place of retreat, healing while capturing her feelings with experiencing BC landscapes  and visionary art as calming images, are worldly influenced multi and cross cultural paintings based on a unified theory practice and principle in having a living connection with the natural world, her most recent development into textiles as with her coastal influenced art,, displayed on an international basis with galleries private and public, has come full circle between emerging and established, her art travels in residence as an independent  for over ten years, her artistic journey consisting of Europe, 2006-onward to the South Pacific South West, Caribbean  and the Middle East, her vantage point of the real world and historic influences is a more of a plant based focus and direction, is sought with her present day work.
Living art  also known to some as outsider art, community based arts, rather than the established typical 1% elite status quo investment around the concept of death, is a rebirth and renewal with a strong respect of human life and earthly values and a balance of masculine feminine energies, a living planet  as a strategic investment with a future, a living legacy and with peaceful living, than yet just another commodity, her strong feminine connection to nature became a loud call of resistance with her artistic value based, revolutionary to evolutionary humanitarian approach.

  Karen became involved in  the Disability arts and culture movement in 2009 as self advocate  artist of independence with her North and South Pacific coastal influenced paintings from her residency travels on exhibit in Toronto and since then directed her passion for the arts to giving and receiving, into fund raising for humanities, supporting with the sales of her art and volunteering on worthy community and important life affirming charitable causes with her art for every day people. .Karen is also an outdoor nature enthusiast and an up and coming Herbalist in botanical healing arts where she is inspired by plant based materials,she is a very recent member of the BC association of Herbalists. 2015 -2016 an exploration into earth friendly textiles with natural dyes as used in ancient cultures of story telling with a modern day approach,utilizing  art mediums minimizing the impact on our Planet and Oceans. Proceeds of Karen's artworks today goes into funding her O2 Hyperberic neurological medical treatment to enable increased mobility and to restore balance and with contributing back toward causes making a positive community impact ,