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Art Earth Natural Plant based botanical medicine,nutrition for self care, ecology

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Surface Art Design, fiber and textiles, plant based art, contemporary  art and natural living.Herbology natural health advocate.


Artist Statement : I enjoy exploring mediums and bringing a smile to clients whom truly appreciate the beauty and joy of
living expressed. :)Karen Colville

Testimonial from clients;

"Waking to the brilliance of your wonderful wall hanging equates to a sunburst of joy, energizing my soul!" Joanie B.

The Whiffing Well, Vancouver


Biography:  Born in small town rural Ontario Canada, Karen Colville obtained her bachelors in fine art at OCAD, since graduation,she facilitated numerous local workshops,
group and solo exhibits in North America and on an international level  Europe,South America, and UAE,,. Intrigued and captivated with the natural and super natural spiritual energies of the West Coast, simplicity in rural living, ecological and lush urban community gardens.

She returned to creating her visual art as a practice, energy balancing art, a quiet understated means of communicative expression, after a independent ten year career in the artistic and commercial music industry, desired empowerment and strength with more peace and quiet, her images are healing and calming explorations,  a subtle plant based spirit consciousness and healing modality with a more grounded earth bound connection experience.
 Connecting with family,friends and community ties with a compassionate heart, balanced mindset, became more of vast importance to her, she enjoyed  brave experiences of local immersions of languages and world cultures, good, bad, beautiful and ugly, she devoted  her time, energy and resources to support the healing of the seriously ill, with a better understanding of the real world, with humanities. Karen felt spiritually moved and motivated by her experiences and with an intentional value based, emerging renewable energy sector, global evolutionary exploration to be an active living community participant with the British Columbia, Landscape.Her strong sense of a Canadian identity with community, led her to do conscious community service partnerships exchanged with non -profits are value based with life affirming action.

 Karen calls Vancouver her home, more than a  place of retreat, healing while capturing her feelings with experiencing BC landscapes  and visionary art as calming images, are worldly influenced multi and cross cultural paintings based on a unified theory practice and principle in having a living connection with the natural world, her most recent development into textiles as with her coastal influenced art,, displayed on an international basis with galleries private and public, has come full circle between emerging and established, her art travels in residence as an independent  for over ten years, her artistic journey consisting of Europe, 2006-onward to the South Pacific South West, Caribbean  and the Middle East, her vantage point of the real world and historic influences is a more of a plant based focus and direction, is sought with her present day work.
Living art  also known to some as outsider art, community based arts, rather than the established typical 1% elite status quo investment around the concept of death, is a rebirth and renewal with a strong respect of human life and earthly values and a balance of masculine feminine energies, a living planet  as a strategic investment with a future, a living legacy and with peaceful living, than yet just another commodity, her strong feminine connection to nature became a loud call of resistance with her artistic value based, revolutionary to evolutionary humanitarian approach.

  Karen became involved in  the Disability arts and culture movement in 2009 as self advocate  artist of independence with her North and South Pacific coastal influenced paintings from her residency travels on exhibit in Toronto and since then directed her passion for the arts to giving and receiving, into fund raising for humanities, supporting with the sales of her art and volunteering on worthy community and important life affirming charitable causes with her art for every day people. .Karen is also an outdoor nature enthusiast and an up and coming Herbalist in botanical healing arts where she is inspired by plant based materials,she is a very recent member of the BC association of Herbalists. 2015 -2016 an exploration into earth friendly textiles with natural dyes as used in ancient cultures of story telling with a modern day approach,utilizing  art mediums minimizing the impact on our Planet and Oceans. Proceeds of Karen's artworks today goes into funding her O2 Hyperberic neurological medical treatment to enable increased mobility and to restore balance and with contributing back toward causes making a positive community impact ,


  1. 2017  NEW Works Fiber Arts: "Kraftwerks" influenced by early Bauhaus Berlin,Icelandic Scandanavian Surface Minimalist design and Canadian textile design. to be announced 2017.
Vancouver Fashion week 2017 EWMA , Karen Colville fiber art designs 2017

3.  2017-2018 :Cannabis Medicine Research Legalization development Canada International Natural Health Plant based product development
,Plant based medicinal arts educational workshop presentations.

   Exhibits 2016
FALL Winter Schedule
September  2016

EWMA Studio Gallery: Empowered Women 800 East Hastings, Vancouver November Dec 2016

Every Day in Every way September 1st,2016 reception will be 6-8 pm September 16th,2016 Unitarian Church, presented by KickStart disability arts and culture
(604) 261-7204



July 2016:   Private Gallery ROAM Gallery,  Canuck a group show celebration the special connection between a raven and shawn, our show at the Roam Gallery, Center Square ,Vancouver , CTV Media present on the  exhibit media broadcast. Link to be posted.

West Vancouver Arts Association
SILK PURSE Gallery Member; TO be announced
In support of Brain Injury Awareness,Neurological Wellness,O2 healing arts, disability arts.

Round House Community Arts
Zend Conciousness Lounge
Pacific Culture Show
Neurological Wellness Awareness in support of Brain Injury Recovery, O2. differently abled arts.


Up and coming May 2016 Essentia, Solo. SuperNatural & Silk reception to be announced.POST PHONED UNTIL FURTHER NOTICE


MARCH  14 – MARCH 20, 2016

 with ATIRA and Enterprising Women Making Art,Vancouver March 14-20th,2016

Natural hand painted and natural dyed designer  and repurposed natural fabric eco tote bags and Natural Essence Room Linen Spray,Bonsai Citrus Ginger Personal Room Spray by Karen Colville


Feb 2016 featured painting Carravaggio Cannabis and other plant based paintings Ever Green Gallery Kitsilano,Vancouver art reception Feb 3rd,2016.

Exhibits 2015

 December 2015 Women Grow arts and craft fair event, eco green art textiles,Granville Island
Dec. 3rd 6-9 pm

Stressed and Depressed Art Auction Gallery, November 2015

Cannabis Culture lounge portrait of Marc Emery Cannabis Activist.

: Evergreen Gallery, Kitsilano, Evergreen Cannabis Society reception end of September 2015 through October,2015.

December 12th, 2015 to be confirmed Every body The Round House,Yaletown  TBA more details to come.

Summer on going EWMA Enterprising Women making art, an art Society  devoted to improving the lives with revitalization of the DTES

 Community exhibits and events  June 2015 Karen participated in a group show dedicated to the revitalization of the DTES. Her painting Holy Mountain Man was selected as a sample in the group show.

420 Event April 20th 2015, BCMP Lounge, Mark Emery's Cannabis Culture and the Vancouver Art gallery attracting 30.000 visitors worldwide. A special Thank You to the Vancouver Foundation DTES revitalize for exhibition assistance.

2015 Fyn Food has relocated to Seattle Washington, will keep you posted for up and coming shows,  present
Fyn Food  1610 Robson Street,Vancouver, telephone 778-379-7833  my passion flowers and flying veggie Buddha is featured at the new location ,mention my work and get a 10% discount off food.

2015 Community Music Graceful Noise gathering community concert alliances.

PLACES and Community events,I have shown and sold. some are for charity and community projects.

2014  empowering with community connection affordable art. 

Sacred and Spiritual artBotanical connection to divine energies

December 2014
Fyn Food 420 Richards Street ,Vancouver exhibiting my passion flower and garden art Vegan and Vegetarian restaurant.

Coming shows: October 2014 Spirit Medicine Conference UBC details to be announced.

September 27th, 2014: Block Party, Metamorfest community art festival  10 bands and a block full of fun. annual fund raiser for Neighborhood House

 Spirit paintings, Botanical Medicines :Cannabis is a medicine responsible use is paramount recreational use is illegal in this country of Canada and repealing the laws, there is a difference to responsible use.

August 2014:  I work exchanged with
Conscious Living Network  to organize and promote the World's leading expert  Nutrition,Super food Guru David Wolfe's Canadian tour, I had the opportunity to meet David Wolfe in person at private Cacao ceremony led by him. In my most recent art work, "Cacao " inspired by this meeting and drinking of the cacao plant with guests at the ceremony.The energy of the ceremony is uplifting as exotic as the plant itself.

Recent exhibits: July 2014 ongoing Cannabis Culture BCMP gallery lounge, POT TV, Sensible BC non profit culture drug law policy Canada action awareness, arts humanities fund raising projects.
Sensible BC  and non profit community service. Sensible BC Canada Day.Celebrating the return of Extradited Marc Emery back home to Canada. Marc Emery is free from 5 years in an American prison for his medical pot activism.Art Auction
2014 High on Health  Independent Health Consultant  to www. High on Health .ca Collingwood Ontario,now Colorado,USA.

 2014 Spring May ,The Vault , 19 Simcoe Street ,Oshawa a new gallery will be opening featuring eco art works of Karen Colville and affordable art pieces for the grand opening of the gallery.

2014 Thank you for applying for the Future Generation Art Prize.

  Prints of my work are available for purchase karencolville or place my name in their search engine and my portfolio will come up.Karen is also on SEE ME out of NYC.

Spring 2014 Karen's cannabis art will be featured in Stoner Days magazine, she is support of legalization and affordable legal medical marijuana for people world wide.

Friday Feb 28th evening, Cocoa & Joes Cafe dt Oshawa will have small works at the business meet and greet Feb 28th Friday evening come by support original arts and crafts there will also be handmade jewelry by B.

NEWS  Spring 2014 Karen has created a limited series of  mini pop glass art, with her art work 5 designer art fridge magnet for $10

2014 February: The end of February two of Karen Colville's works will be  featured as available in the catalog at Ritchies Auction House in Canadian Contemporary Fine Art for Collectors.

    2014: Karen's selected fine art will be featured in Lionel & Mandi's engagement event and Karen created a beautiful peace for the event celebrating love, titled "Love in the Jungle" for February 2014.

2014:    Happy New Year Marino construction and Interior design serving San Carlos and the Bay California USA 2014 Karen Colville and her work is a featured Artist for homes and business in  San Carlo and the Bay  area California. You have an interior design and seeking custom art ,you may contact

 Recent  Art News:  Educational reform natural medicine as drug policy: Medical Cannabis CBD is saving lives world wide: see the video for  Dr.Sanjay Gupta or Cheryl Shuman,Rick Simpson activism.  November-December  2013  Karen Colville is supporting Sensible B.C. repeal Cannabis prohibition legalization campaign with her original B.C. nature works mountain landscape .The paintings will be auctioned off to the non profit for fundraising purposes.Karen's fine art is also featured on the Beverly Hills Cannabis Club website hosted by media personality Cheryl Shuman and also the NFL has approved Cannabis as a life saving medicine for head injuries for NFL players.

  Karen with a hand up art collection booklet.   Karen Colville earthly fine art collection a limited edition keepsake booklet, and priced at $10.00 per booklet hand signed collectors edition.You may preorder, a healing hands up recovery project, note orders may take up to 2-4 weeks delivery depending where you are.I accept Pay Pal as payment inquire for address.Let me know here or email inquiry this project is on for a limited time, liberty and real living is independence.

    Update news: Karen  is representing natural health High on Health and refer Karen sent you.

Karen Colville's sacred journey centred around a consciousness philosophy of cultures, humanities in values with our planet and the galactic multiverse.Diversity,spirituality upscale earth harmony balance are themes found in her art work.She visited different sacred spaces,  some of the work transcends the third dimension, there is a deeper respect for diversity indigneous culture,spirituality, respecting different beliefs,and dimensions other than the third as visionary and contemporary are timeless.
Karen resides in Durham Ontario and is active in community and cultural life and plans to relocate artist-in residence on a permanent basis.

Original  art pieces on this site direct are priced below gallery rates, some works are negotiable,you are welcome to visit and view pieces by appointment. Karen Colville also exhibits on a regular basis,so many people may view and enjoy her work.

News: "Sedona Journey" is in the International Competition for Contemporary Artists
Print Media: Karen is featured in the Feb 2013 issue on art and travel Artist Vagabond
Karen Colville's falcon mural is in the film "Knowing Falcon Man"premiered Toronto International film festival 2013

New for 2013 Karen is on selling affordable prints and also has prints Saatchi online for sale. Karen Colville, prices are what is listed on their site.

My falcon mural selected for exhibit in NYC later this year still negotiating.
used in a independent film Knowing Falcon Man"

   Note  contact and inquire on a artwork you may be interested
within reason ,a studio visit appointment ,please inquire

Exhibits and Shows 2013

2013 Karen Colville is a member of Pine Ridge Arts
Global Art League, Montreal Art Centre ,Montreal Quebec July 20th-August 17th 2013
July 19th 2013  Gala

May 2013-June 2013 Clarington Municipal Hall,Bowmanville,Ontario VAC.
Raising Consciousness

May 4th 2013 Art Fusion Toronto, Mel Lastman Square: may be there in person in recovery.

Art Fusion  January 19th 585 Dundas
  Street East,Daniels Spectrum, fire spinners aerialists, break dancers,exotic belly dancers,Visual Artists,Toronto,Ontario 

2012-2013 Kerti Salon Spa and wellness centre, gallery Pearson Lanes downtown Whitby 101 1/2 Mary Street during regular business hours. telephone 905-493-7200.
Karen Colville is a featured Artist in Durham Region Social Networks

  Community Art Kudos :November 25th,2012-December 2012 donated a number of art works to the Marshal chemo fund Hunters Horn,Whitby,Ontario fund raiser,collectively with different events as arts culture night,art on the patio, the Hunters Horn with all participants raised$5000.00 for Marshal's family that says something about community spirit.

.Exhibit Royal Canadian Legion Whitby Ontario,Colborne Street  November 4th, 2012 Eco evolution works will be there handcrafted and painted arts.
Arts Culture Nite @ the Hunters Horn 6 p.m.-11 p.m. 965 Dundas Street West there shall be Artists, Musicians, Comedians, local talent .Thanks Rob,class act.

Show date: The labyrynth within Art for  mental awareness September 29th,2012 @2:00p.m.proceeds donated to CMHA
Murphys Pub & Grill 15 Simcoe Street, part of proceeds shall be donated exhibit is in a community group setting there will also be a poetry reading

To view artwork go to Photos
  Evolution in contemporary art
Man’s glory lies in co

ABOUT karen colvil

 using recycled, reclaimed, or natural materials whenever possible, personal accountability to the issues humanity faces in connection.


: CCompeted in NYC Art Meets Times"Collect Me" to help me win $10,000 and a show in the most immense exhibition of art in New York

Exoevolution eco world evolving paradox presentation collaborative Artist Karen Colville expresses world diversity controversial opinions about human nature and the Cosmos, a post metaphysical futurist presentation perspective in evolving exo consciousness and artistic multi dimensions.
April 2nd-October 2012 
Co Workative 12285 Yonge Street
Richmond Hill

 Giving back collaborating to co create a positive paradigm timeline: Karen is a co Creator collaborator with Creative Celebration raising funds for L'ARCHE Daybreak Craft Arts Studio Day Program and is donating one of her paintings as a fund raiser draw and accepting donations.

Scotia Bank eco living,Bowmanville Clarington for Spring Style goes Sustain able has one of Karen's fabric eco creations  on display in the lounge for the month of April 2012 part of any proceeds raised from the patronage of Karen's eco creation, a donation from the purchase of her fabric art will be made in memory of Jack Mc Ginnis founder of Durham Sustain ability,  Ontario eco educational program for children.Tax receipt as donation will be on request.For the month of June 2012 Eco Green Sea Turtle

2010 UAE,AbuDhabi Ghaf Gallery there is also a You Tube Video

Karen is represented online Saatchi Online portfolio and prints are available


Thankyou KX96 and CKDO for your community announcement of Karen with Durham Sustainability and partnering charitable business in Durham Region
October 30th,2011 Karen participated in the reality televisi
on show Toronto, Art for Love there were over 2000 Artists and 50 Artists were selected for the final show. Karen received much needed media exposure  for her charitable works and collaborated on a mural.October 2011- November 2011  Community Partners Thank You Scotia Bank,  Bowmanville Clarington Branch, Greg Lewis Statefarm Newcastle, Bola Simcoe Street,Oshawa, Mexico Lindo, Oshawa,  Visual Arts Centre Clarington for displaying my original art work in fund raising for Giving Back In Guatemala   100 % of my  Mayan Collection  smaller works will be donated,and 
A Gift of Art ,Newcastle for Denise House.

  Diversity humanity: Karen's goal is to live,help others,develop her business in natural transition and work in studio earth ship eco dome home.
Announcement: Please Donate for downloading this helps pay for independent music and goes toward worthwhile projects go to Kerala Music and hit the donate button a new release ep original . Thanks Kindly!!

Be The Change & In a Dream
Kerala music Artist( Karen Colville) original song, Vocals  and Producer Bryan Ruckstuhl on Music Guitars Studio 169
available for download here and on reverb nation.Please go to Kerala Music and hit the donation button and make a donation to support Karen and  her worthwhile causes.
September 13th,2011- Karen is donating 100% of her Mayan Collection paintings with proof of donation and matching equivalent per painting to raise funds for  for a build earthship home green sustainable and clean drinking water for Maria Gabriel  and kids in Guatemala with Earthship Biotech partners,Long Way home .Karen will be selling from her home and various locations around Durham Region.
Diverse *  Cultural* Environment
About Karen Colville:  Karen is a fine diverse artist, she is passionate with art as a means to better understand the world  respecting diversity and her work is diverse in world culture as it is contemporary,alternative as independent, self taught studied OCAD and with independent studies visiting studios mentors and individual projects across Canada and around the globe as an international Artist.Karen believes beauty with creativity as healthy energy bridges cultural understanding and bilateral relationships to better understanding toward acceptance dissipates the ugliness of destruction and abuses of people and planet effected by war,controlling corrupt Cabals and of  every day people to a more peaceful direction.The development of open spaces with freedom of expression opens perspectives to a wider world.Connections keep the world a small place.
She  makes textile art ,original handmade, eco bag creator folk creations and into natural health and humanitarian causes with partnerships in organization.
  Karen is also lobbyist for industrial hemp and a goal toward natural living.To view Karen's art and eco inspired hand made creations with org projects go to Photos.
Karen is building another collection for her exhibits in studio and is also preparing to give workshops as artist-in-residence 2012.

For any questions regarding art  or to set a private studio appointment contact the artist by email contact: 
info@karencolvilleart.orgGo to the Photos section to see art.
Artist Statement: We continue to learn and expand in a different mediums of expression our experience as living in 3d. Art is a lifetime dedication of connecting community passion and finding support investment as a passion with charitable cause, with originality and unique style exploration life without art there is not life it is a celebration of visions and opposing forces of expression with a sense of freedom, escaping the boun
daries of beauty into contemporary creativity resourceful and individual expression respecting diversity. This dimension or reality and world is a business is a controlled illusion this is why I enjoy exploring concepts of multi dimensions two and three layers of light and texture in my work with diverse influence of expression from interaction along with world culture. It goes beyond stepping outside the anticipated norm of the boundaries created it flows it layers and engages every participant with every experience coloring outside the lines and seeing what is there so to speak while developing intellectual concepts. Intricate layers of light and activity with mediums. Her work has a Mediterranean influence
Art is the vehicle of understanding that words do not articulate with description and creatively making sense of this Universe Post Modern Societies and the changes going on in present day reality. Creating art, my work is always mastery and experimentation one of a kind and with influences of my journey with others in this experience and around the world with a peaceful resolution. My natural handmade creations are also a reflection of my values of earth with experience.

Karen's art is involved in a number of causes an arts projects around the world and involved in local community projects and helping differently abled and building on solutions on  projects .Collector, private consultations may be made by appointment. info@
   Some pieces are reserved to donation offer many served for charity fund raising community work and charitable projects.
The  hand made eco fiber  and fine art work is and also involved in a number of charitable worthwhile causes she believes in.

  Bio: Karen Colville recently evolved to a diverse contemporary portfolio from traditional emerging to Post Modern expressionism ; Abstract & contemporary artist painting and drawing  professionally for  over ten years  now into fiber,textile art,eco creations using more environmentally sound materials with plans on working with hemp fibers.
She studied OCAD and is Independent as self taught and has workshopped mentoring with established Artists.Her art work is hand made,some pieces are handsewn,embroidered and with a variety of natural methods characterized by vibrant colors and rich, bold and soft ambient to relax to luminous shimmering reflecting light. n accomplished travelled international artist.The new fiber works are posted in the photos section and reusable eco totes.Karen also understand art is a luxury that there is a art work you really prefer to invest in or purchase do not hesistate to contact to set an appointment or email an offer and you will know in 24hours that offer has been accepted.
2011 exhibits and community participation
Sunday 12 p.m.- 4:00 p.m.,November 13th,2011 exhibiting original Art of Karen Colville at the Admirals Club, Club House,Port of Newcastle 500 Lakebreeze Dr & Newcastle, ON Exit Mill Street of the 401 and head south to the lake.Contact Information Tel: 905.987.5146

Latest Entries: Premio Artelaguna Venice ,Italy 2011  rentering 2012-2013

Karen has a campaign October-November 2011 to raise funds for Giving back To Guatemala guatemala proof of donation and or 100% of selected Mayan Collection art funds raised will be donated to this build.Thank you Scotia Bank,Bowmanville,Greg Lewis,State Farm Newcastle,Bola Oshawa Simcoe Street,Mexico Lindo,Simcoe Street ,Oshawa, Visual Arts Centre Clarington for your support in displaying my works in alternative community fund raising.

Karen is also raising funds for Denise House with her butterfly mariposa paintings and WIN Women in Networking group Durham Region.Karen has already donated two small original paintings for WIN Denise House fund raiser Shopaganza Saturday November 12th 11a.m-4pm Westminister  UnitedChurch,1850 Rossland Road East,Whitby.
Exhibits Shows
 October 30th participated in inArt For Love Art rea,lity TV 2000 Artists arrived 100 then, 50 finalists call backs were selected for the show Karen interviewed with the Judges and participated in mural collaboration the event was filmed for television.

The Visual Arts Centre of Clarington  Thirty First Annual Juried Show Of Fine Arts October 23-November 13th,2011 reception 2;00-4:00p.m October 23rd,2011
  la perle arab le legere selected for the show Juror Steven Frank.
  News: Four of Karen's  art works have been selected for Dystonia Research and Curry's Art Exhibition Auction Fundraiser the auction will start now through the month of December 2011.

Camfest  Orono FairgroundsSaturday August 20th, 2011 will be on exhibit with art works

Karen showed some of her Mayan influenced creations Mexico Lindo on July 22nd,2011 Oshawa with 20 Artists & Musicians in the city.Elton John is coming to town and tickets sold out in 45 minutes.Elton is an avid Art Collector.

  Worthwhile charitable projects.INSTRUMENTS AND EASELS FUNDRAISER!Silent Art Auction, Art + Craft Sale and Live Musical Performances
In support of Oshawa Community Health CenterINSTRUMENTS AND EASELS FUNDRAISER!Silent Art Auction, Art + Craft Sale and Live Musical Performances
In support of Oshawa Community Health CenterDATE: Friday January 28thTIME: 6-PM 9PMLOCATION: The Oshawa Community Health Centre, 115 Grassmere Ave. Oshawa Ontario, L1H 3X7 (905) 723 0036.

November 2010-2011 Karen's hand created eo fiber art portrait of H.H.General Sheikh Bin Zayed Al Nayhan inspired by The Islamic Art exhibit AbuDhabi, Sheikh  Mohammed Bin Zayed is a Patron of the Islamic Art exhibit where Karen was in attendance and met the Prince. Karen's original contemporary eco portrait inspired by the Islamic embroidery exhibit in AbuDhabi UAE will be displayed at the UAE Embassy in Ottawa,Canada with HE Mohamed Abdulla Ghafli Ambassador to the UAE to Canada.
Arts & Culture be used as a better means of working on relations with peaceful negotiations with both countries.

  2011 internatinal and Canada development project: Karen plans to shift a focus to project creating organizational work living more with the earth with values,an earthship or earth ship community insulated with industrial hemp,natural garden and hopes beyond with action to create an intentional community where people may escape imposed poverty and live in a comfortable means in peace.There are many obstacles in place and politics as most are monetary and this project may not see the light of day.Meanwhile lobbying for industrial hemp is world wide.

Peaceful negotiations with culture and arts as a means of understanding and ethical fairness in business dealings locally and international relations.

  INSTRUMENTS AND EASELS FUNDRAISER!Silent Art Auction, Art + Craft Sale and Live Musical PerformancesIn support of Oshawa Community Health Center

representation 2010A Gift of Art Newcastle

 June 2010 30'x30" Ghaf Gallery,AbuDhabi,UAE
attended Opening Gala

 July 2010 Wooden Boat fest Port of Newcastle Arts fest

September 18th-27th A Travelers Theme : Tales told through contemporary art and photography
Opening Reception September 18 · 7:00pm - 8:00pm

Studio 561,561 Bloor Street West,Toronto

  October 2010:Connections 5, September 24th-October 24th,2010 Toronto,Ontario Venue V tape, 401 Richmond Street West,Sponsored by CTV

United Artists of Durham ,Memorial Bandshell, Oshawa,Ontario Culture Week September 25th,2010
Art in The Park Sponsored by Citrus Media

  October 2010: Scotia Bank nuit blanche October 2,20106:57 p.m. to sunrise featured 561 Bloor Street West(Bathurst) Toronto
  Karen is now on Celeste Prize an international site and competition from all over the globe


Articles written art world:

  Articles/Blogs: Print:


K A R E N  C O L V I L L E    eco coutoure art Arts,Culture Humanities